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Critical Shift: Leadership Promotion Programme

Placing your relational leadership at the heart of change.
We’ll help you step-up and go beyond critical points on your leadership journey.


Choice Not Chance®

Shifting levels of responsibility require leaders to consciously adjust for success. Letting go of old mindsets, improving relationship influence, embracing systemic and enhanced commercial thinking are vital areas for progression.  

Our innovative online programme is so powerful precisely because it holds you, your business situation and your critical leadership shift, in focus throughout. We use compounded development coaching to accelerate your learning as you go through the 3 day programme. You will actively learn through discussion about critical promotion challenges and take key issues into small group and individual coaching sessions. Here we offer high quality support and insightful challenge to crystallize your leadership shift; anchored via a clear plan of action for aligned behavioural change.

Don’t leave things to chance.  Escape the 50% failure rate of new-to-role leaders and accelerate your leadership development with our world-class coaches who can help your best self emerge.

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This comprehensive Leadership Promotion Programme is for managers & leaders who want to accelerate their careers and leverage internal opportunities.

For companies; we partner with your succession planning infrastructure to deliver accelerated support programmes.  Contact us for more information.

Programme Director

Peter Fennah, founder of Career Synergy, is a renowned executive coach who specialises in coaching leaders through role and organisational transitions. He coaches senior leaders, including CEOs, across a range of sectors and is known by his clients for enabling mindset shifts to help individuals and team adapt.  Peter will share how you can better meet the complex people based problems of onboarding in a COVID era and leading organisations engaged in rapid change.

Peter has spent 23 years honing his transition knowledge and experience of role change across sectors, countries and seniority levels from divisional managers, three star military to CEOs.  An experienced executive education lecturer he teaches across 8 top global business schools.




Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, leaders and managers ready to progress their leadership career
  • You are dealing with, or facing, a significant expansion in leadership responsibility requiring you to redefine your approach
  • You will be streamed with other executives, leaders and managers going through similar challenges across all types of organisations and industry sectors

Aligning Behavioural Change

Our 3 day intensive will help shift your leadership impact. We will go beyond the horizontal skills and knowledge necessary to do the day job.  We will focus on how you will manage expectations, build effective relationships to sustainably deliver change and transform your business through enhancing your leadership impact.

The critical shifts in the promotion process revolve around what we take ownership of and how we behave. Longevity of leadership relies upon embracing change for ourselves and helping others to do the same. How we relate to change determines the ease of the transition.

There is always an emotional/energy cost required to withstand the constant shifts in expectations, market conditions, etc. that come with new levels of leadership responsibility. Our programmes help you and your organisation reframe leadership for the future.


We will help you anticipate challenges, embrace the required shifts in behaviour and design strategies resilient to rapid change. By working from the inside out, we enable leaders to connect purpose to strategy to meaningful outcomes.

Compound Coaching: Coaching Is Where The Magic Happens 

You will learn through shared experiences in plenary, engaging with a small group going through similar transition challenges, and receiving 1:1 executive coaching. The programme design revolves around coaching conversations explicitly designed to support and challenge you for successful behavioural change. These conversations are not easy, but they pave the road to successful career advancement.  Moving between multiple learning formats, from plenary to small group to 1:1 and then self-reflection, facilitates deeper transformations. This innovative programme design enables what typically is left unspoken and unheard to be consciously engaged with.

Our coaches are handpicked to partner with you. As Chartered Occupational Psychologists and seasoned accredited executive coaches offering the highest quality interventions, we understand how aligned purpose and mindset drive exceptional behaviours. We also understand the mental strain of the emotional journey attached to learning, failure and success.

Over the three days we will help you navigate your journey step-by-step, drawing on deep industry expertise to help you clarify your goals, create an aligned behavioural action plan and have the courage to put it into practice. We will help you evolve your leadership style, strategic thinking, social integration and learn how to avoid the traps and pitfalls when transitioning internally.


What Will I Learn?

  1. Personally: How to better respond to change; connect more to yourself and in relation to others to deepen trust and address ruptured relationships
  2. Impact agility: Be smarter in your diagnosis of business and relational needs for successful change
  3. SQ & PQ: Be more skillful in your use of social and political intelligence to embed change
  4. Learning network: Build resilience to cope with unrelenting expectations and foster learning networks for ongoing adaptation
  5. Success synergy: Align your unique leadership ‘core’ and conditions to thrive in uncertain times
  6. Leadership shift: Prioritise and focus on the critical shift to move from reactive to independent thinking
  7. Executive outlook: Go beyond conventional siloed leadership thinking and add value as a collaborative systemic leader as you progress to the C-Suite

Programme Content

The Daily Itinerary 


We run three, day long, webinars that are delivered over a timeframe aligned to your personal and organisational needs.


These can be consecutive days or over a number of weeks allowing you to take action, collect data and plan for your next set of interventions.


The compounded coaching model allows leaders to maximize their learning potential.



Day 1 – Let Go To Grow Into Your Future

Promotion is rarely universally welcomed.  Performance expectations shift and relationship boundaries are redrawn.  We will chart the hidden shifts in power and influence as you move beyond the rules of the game for your old role.  Getting clear on your new beginning requires letting go of old ways of thinking or behaving.  Without this acknowledgement you, and others around you, won’t learn to adapt.  Resulting in mediocre, at best, results. 


We will explore in both small group coaching and 1:1 coaching a range of questions to help you better connect to your role;  redefine your new first impressions, set the right tone and build a new level of interconnection for systemic change.  For example, what personal motivations and expectations do you have of your promotion?  What shifts in expectations from others are likely as a result of your predecessor, and of what they have been told you bring to the role?  What cost might be imposed upon you to meet these expectations with your current resources?  How will success now be measured?  What is now central to your role and what does this push aside that you may be reluctant to let go?

You will work with your coach on defining and mapping the critical shifts that will need behavioural consistency if you are to succeed.  This recalibration and internal rebranding may draw upon learning insights from 360 feedback, line management questionnaires, stakeholder informational interviews, psychometrics and reflection exercises.


Day 2 – Diagnose Value:  What Needs & Worthy Goals Are Compelling?

Having said ‘yes’ to the promotion you need to quickly work out what, and who, will make it a success.  This doesn’t mean falling into the trap of working 24/7, or of swallowing prevailing views of how to do the job.  It does mean mapping who else was interested in the role and ensuring that you have their buy-in to work together.  It also requires commercial and strategic insight into what, and who, is driving the business?  How is the operating model and structure best aligned to the strengths of the organisation? 

We always need to remember that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ so how is the pace, manner and speed of decisions taken at this level?  Discriminate between the background noise of activity versus real added value to bring into focus the core value chain.

We will help you to:

  • Gain commercial insight
  • Increase influence and stand out in meetings for the right reasons
  • Map stakeholders and prioritise your ‘to do list’ to create capacity and capability for change
  • Evaluate, build and resource your team
  • Create a compelling communication campaign
  • Recognise and engage with your own pattern of likely resistance to new ways of working


Day 3 – Build Trust, Gain Results & Lead Across Boundaries

Trust doesn’t come easily as you promote and isn’t based upon passively pleasing others.  You need to build compelling reasons for collaboration and crossing silos.  This starts with your character and energy, moving to how you relate and respect others and where you would take them if they placed their trust in you.  How will great results consistently follow-on from your aligned plan?

Your small group coaching and one to one coaching sessions will focus upon embedding successful results at a strategic level.  Working in the business and working on the business.  Helping you to create new platforms of mutual success that will generate sustainable value for the business.  With these result platforms and upward stakeholder management you can build an exit strategy to go beyond your recent promotion.  We will help you to aim higher and deliver on the here-and-now.


Plus – Promotion Action Plan – Free Coaching Review 

You will have built up a trusting relationship with your executive coach over the three days.  We invite you to complete your Promotion Action Plan and submit it to your coach to receive feedback before you share it more widely with key sponsors for your success.  We offer this free follow-up video call to help you continually improve as you make sense of your evolving situation.

For those who are interested, we also offer discounted leadership development coaching for programme members.



Invest £2,495 +VAT to take conscious control of your promotion and accelerate the opportunity.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”


How Will I Learn?  Coaches Make The Difference

  • You will learn through shared experiences in plenary, being with a small group going through similar transition challenges and receiving 1:1 executive coaching
  • We will help you evolve your leadership style, challenge you to enhance your strategic thinking and proactively spot traps when transitioning into role
  • Our coaches are handpicked to partner with you. We are Chartered Occupational Psychologist, seasoned executive coaches and change consultants
  • We will partner with you every step of the way to help clarify your goals, create an action plan and deliver on it
  • You have access to our LinkedIn alumni support group, Whatsapp small group dedicated coaching resources and our Insights newsletter where additional leadership webinars are highlighted


Programme benefits include:

  • Collaborative focus: Increased alignment, expectation clarity and mutual motivation for shared success
  • Sponsor synergy: Increased and shared focus of what/who/how added value in the business can be created
  • Relational leadership: Putting relationships at the heart of change creating a collaborative mindset
  • Culture: Increased appreciation of leading rapid change across the business for mutual benefit
  • Personal: Accelerated learning; prioritisation and adaptation to the role
  • Performance: 50% faster than average onboarding performers and significantly improved sponsor/stakeholder relationships


Join The Critical Shift Programme NOW

The comprehensive Leadership Promotion Programme for managers & leaders who want to accelerate and leverage internal opportunities.

For a cost of £2,495 +VAT take conscious control of your promotion and accelerate the opportunity.  Don’t leave things to chance.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”


Our Expert Coaches

Our world-class executive coaches have been hand-picked for their ability to connect with people and their unique perspective on leadership development.  Allowing you to feel safe, heard and vulnerable at critical times of change whilst also having clear input from them based on their rigorous professional background.